Guild membership can now be purchased through the If you are unable to use the and purchase your membership through it, you can contact the Guild Treasurer.

Full member

All members of AYY can be accepted as full members.

Buy membership here.

Associate member

A member that shows interest in the Guild but cannot be accepted as a full member or old member.

Buy membership here.

Old member

Old members are former full members of the Guild of Surveying Engineers or staff of the Department of Built Environment.

Old members do not pay member fees. Join as old member here.

Check above what kind of member you want to be and then you can buy your membership in

You’ll be a member when the fee is visible in the guild’s account and you have been accepted by the board of the guild in their board meeting.

If any problems occur, please do not hesitate to contact Guild’s treasurer.

Pinja Tamminen

The Guild’s membership register’s privacy policy

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