Have you spent your cold winter nights at garage just staring at your bike? Worry no more because spring is here again! ☀️ And so is MK’s cycling! So come and join as the sports tutors organize a cycle ride on Saturday 4.5. To join you won’t need a fancy high tech bike as the around 10 km ride will be slow enough for everybike. The ride is also a great chance to collect some meters to MK’s kilometrikisa! 🚴🏼

Registeration starts 25.4. at 12 in:

What?: Cycle ride 

Where?: Starts at the backyard of the guildroom 

When?: Saturday 4.5. at 12 

Take with?: Bicycle 

Why?: Because of spring, sights and of course friends 

Something to ask?: @JPihlajaniemi @emiliasuo



    Emilia Suojärvi
    Joni Pihlajaniemi
    Terho Nissilä
    Sanni Palomäki
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