Search for Annual Ball Masters

Maanmittarikilta is seeking two Annual Ball Masters for the 121 year celebration of Maanmittarikilta. The masters are not only planning the Annual Ball – they get to plan activities along with the board leading to 121st Kevätpäiväntasaus. The masters will set a Committee of Celebration.

If you’re interested in the celebration of Maanmittarikilta, apply for the position now! The application includes an A4-size PDF-file on which you may present your creativity. Each applicant leaves in their own application but you may create and leave in a joint PDF along with another applicant you’d want to be masters with.

The guild members may ask questions from the applicants here.

The Annual Ball Masters are selected at the guild’s Fall Session, which will be held on 4.10. The application is open until the Spring Session.



    Nimi / Name
    Elli Happonen
    Inkeri Mankkinen
    Tuuli Inkinen