For Master’s Freshmen

Hey there, you new freshman, or fuksi as we call it here, starting in the Master’s Programs of Real Estate Economics, Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering, Urban Studies and Planning in Real Estate Economics or EIT Urban mobility!

Welcome to the Master’s Freshmen page of the Guild of Surveying Engineering. This page has some useful information to make it easier for you to start your new studies. The Guild guide of 2021 for the new Master’s students in the School of Engineering can be found on the side of the page. It introduces you to student life in Otaniemi, the guilds, me and other captains and many other useful things. Guild guide of the earlier year can be found on the side of this page and it can already answer to some of your questions.

The primary way of communication in Otaniemi is an app called Telegram which I recommend you get for your mobile device. After that you can join the MK Masters 2021 group through this link. To further stay updated on events and what's going on, you should follow our guild's Facebook page.

Besides me, the Master’s Student Captain, there are also many tutors to help you. They are guild members whose task is to introduce you to the teekkari culture and student life. You will have your own tutor group which includes 5 to 7 members and one tutor to guide you. Tutors will help you with all the practical matters such as where the next lecture is, where and how you enroll for courses or where the best lunch restaurants are. There must be plenty of questions that you have in mind. For the most frequently asked questions you can find an answer here.

Participate in all the interesting events and keep an open mind during your freshmen year - let’s make it awesome together!

If you have any further questions or things concerning you, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Markus Rauhanen
Master's Student Captain '21
+358 44 310 0697