For Bachelor’s Fuksis


Hello Built Environment freshmen of 2021!

Welcome to the guild of surveying engineering! This site is here to help you to get a good start on your studies. You can find lots of useful information regarding both your studies and life outside of school. I recommend that you start your new studies by reading through the Freshmen guide, Apustin, which is made for Built Environment students. You can find it here: Apustin 2021 (only in Finnish). If you are interested in finding information in English, please read this Guild Guide 2021.

To keep yourself updated with all the events arranged in Otaniemi and Aalto University join the Mittarifuksit 2021 group on Facebook. This group is for the finnish speaking bachelor’s students who start their studies on 2021. You should also join the Mittarifuksit 2021 Telegram group. Telegram is a similar instant messaging app as Whatsapp but works better in bigger groups and is therefore widely used in Otaniemi and Aalto. In order to get a good start on your studies, come to the head start event organized for the freshmens! You can find the event from here.

I recommend you to go through all the information and added links as there is plenty of useful information gathered here to help you with starting your studies. In the Studies section, you can find more usefull information and links to get you started.

The freshman captain will be there to help you with tutors and tutor coordinator. If you have any we are more than willing to help you out - even before school year starts! As you start your studies, you will have lots of questions regarding the life change that is about to happen but don’t worry - we all have been freshmens once, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Please keep an open mind with you the whole academic year - let’s make your freshmen year memorable!

Have any questions about starting your studies or being a freshmen? Contact me!

Inkeri Mankkinen

Freshmen Captain of 2021
mankinen.inkeri (at)
+358 44 539 3193