This Courage, Freedom, Love! The Moomins 75 exhibition at the National Museum of Finland is a magical journey into the values and philosophy of the Moomins. 25.11 the Guild of Surveying Engineers visits the exhibition on a guided tour in the National Museum.

Due to the current corona situation, there are only 20 spots in the tour and using a face mask is mandatory in the museum. The tour starts at 5.00 pm and lasts for 60 minutes. The guild will pay for the price of the tour, so participants only have to pay the entrance fee of 10€ (free if you have museum card). After the guidedtour you can visit the other exhibitions at the museum.

The tour will be held mainly in finnish.

The sign up will open on Tuesday 11/17 at noon. There is room for the first 20 people.


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Sign ups

Onni Nurkka
Iisa Simola
Katariina Kasvinen
Lotta Sirkemaa
Adele Raunu
Agnesa Shala
Aku Staff
Ellinoora Rastas
Joona Lipponen
Eeti Ahola
Pinja Salo
Agon Shala
Anna Nurmes
Janne Kousa
Ville Isoranta
Leevi Kaunonen
Otto Sorvo
Eero Ikonen
Atte Laitinen
Riku Putkinen

Reserve list

Elli Happonen
Tommi Turunen