The guild of Surveying Engineers goes to the science center Heureka on December 3rd! At Heureka, you can get to know and try everything connected to science in a fun way! The exhibiton consist for example about Intelligent cities, the secret of the gut, wild wild wood and many more! On top of this we get an inside look on how the science center is run and administrated. More info about the exhibition and the science center on their website

The visit is free of charge and the signup starts this Wednesday 11/18 at 12.00. There are 20 places for this event.

What: Visit to Heureka
Where: Heureka, Tiedepuisto 1 01300 Vantaa
When: 12/3 at 3.30 pm ->
Other: 0€, special visit and 20 places


Sign ups:

Aku Staff
Inkeri Mankkinen
Laura Mörsky
Aatu Jäntti
Matias Säämäki
Lotta Sirkemaa
Viola Palolahti
Joona Aspegren
Elli Happonen
Iisa Simola
Joona Lipponen
Juuli Väätäinen
Daniel Guzman Monet
Saana Neulasalmi
Ellinoora Rastas
Tuomas Hukkanen
Nea Hurme

Reserve list:

Pinja Salo
Eeti Ahola
Ville Isoranta
Tuuli Inkinen
Ida Rouhiainen
Kasper Luoma
Tommi Turunen